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[Template] Suggestions

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Although there isn't a template for suggestions, a brief sentence, your reasoning why and link to said suggestion does help.

However just because there isn't a template doesn't mean there can be bad suggestions take these Examples and try to replicate the GOOD suggestions, than bad.

Examples of BAD suggestions;

  • Printers should print more money


  • Up the amount of shipments you get


  • Kits are stupid


  • this addon would improve the server alot! (Gmod Store Link/Workshop Link)

Examples of GOOD suggestions;

  • I feel that printers should print more money, I've done testing and Printer B prints alot less than Printer A even though Printer B costs more. Therefore it should be improved so that it's worth buying Printer B


  • The Police armory/bank crate sure it could be abused and make the gun dealers purpose not really needed however I feel if we upped it and add a timer for every hour or two. This would counter-act the people raiding it.


  • I find that kits are a great way for the server to make Money and to Survive, however the current kits seem way too overpowered and it seems pay to win, If they were cheaper and or little less OP I think that it would be alright,


  • I think Addon (Gmod Store Link/Workshop Link) would be perfect for this server, The addon adds (brief description of addon) and I think thats PERFECT for this type of server, 

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