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Steam Name: Deluxe

Steam ID and a link to your Community ProfileSteam Community :: Deluxe  STEAM_0:1:246404887 pretty sure thats my steam ID.

Age(Minimum is 14): 14 .

Timezone: EST.

Total Hours on record for Garry's Mod: 605.3.

Total hours on WeebNetworks (Preferable need of 5 hours): Over 5 Hours.

Past Staff experience?: I have been Superadmin,Mod,Sr.Mod,Admin,Sr.Admin.

Make a sentence with an explanation of what they mean and a clear example:

RDM: Random Death Match Someone kill you without a Valid reason or Randomly.

FailRp: Talking in OOC to Rp or using information from OOC in Rp and or Doing something that isnt very Realistic and valuing your life.

LTAP: Leaving During A sit or a Raid to avoid Punishment.

RDA: Random Arrest Like running around and Using arrest baton for no Reason.

Do you have a microphone: Yes.

Do you have Discord installed: Yes.

Do you have an understanding of the basic ULX commands:  Yes Im quite experienced with them.

Tell us about yourself: My name is Connor im 14 I like Gmod Darkrp I have a Ps4 and I like playing Rust and PVP or PVE games I also like watching Anime.

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I don't really have a solid oppinion on this.

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-1 Acted really childish towards me, was a complete dick, literally said "it was a joke" when it obviously wasn't.

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