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DarkRP Rules

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                                                                                           WeebNetworks DarkRP Server Rules

• OOC - Speaking outside of roleplay and roleplay events taking place. 
• RDM - Killing other players without a valid roleplay reason.
• CDM - Killing other people with your car when they're on the street.
• NLR - Going back to your previous life after dying (Going to the area you died in or continuing from your past life) - You must start fresh everytime you die.
(NLR lasts 3 minutes)
• Metagaming - Using out of character chat for roleplay or using information gained from non-roleplay within roleplay situations.
• FearRP - Your life is precious. You must co-operate with anyone mugging you or pointing a gun at you just as you would in real life.
• LTAP - Leaving to avoid punishment after breaking a rule.
• LTARP - Leaving to avoid roleplay situations such as raids or muggings.
• Stalling - Failing to follow orders in order to gain an advantage in roleplay situations (e.g. waiting for a friend to arrive)
• Raiding - Breaking into a base or property, killing or threatening those in the base/property and stealing their possessions.
• K.O.S - Signs on bases or properties warning players that if they enter they will be killed without warning.
• A.O.S - Usually attached to a law, meaning you will be arrested on sight if seen breaking that law.
• Staff SIT - A staff situation in which no roleplay is allowed. Typically called between a staff member and a rulebreaker and/or witness.
• NITRP - No intention to roleplay. A term used for players that do not intend on properly roleplaying in the server.

• Do not kill another player randomly; this is RDM and is just very annoying for other players.
• Do not return to your place of death or seek revenge on anyone who killed you as this is breaking NLR and is also annoying.
• Respect all players and staff; failing to do so could result in a permanent ban as this isn't tolerated.
• Advertising another server is strictly prohibited. No exceptions.
• If you are being chased by any law enforcement, you are allowed to shoot at them.
• Do not abuse the tool gun or the spawning of props as this is often mistaken as attempting to crash the server.
• Do not demote someone for this job for no reason as this is false demote.
• You may kill a Tramp if they are abusing their SWEPS towards you.
• Do not job abuse(eg walking around as a gun dealer then changing to a thief to raid someone).
• If caught abusing ADV2 to spawn in wire you will receive a warning, on your second attempt you will receive a 1 week ban. The same apply's for VIP if spawning in abusive wire objects such as trails and music.
• Do not use ingame items for profit - The only time ingame items should be sold for real money is through our donation system.
• Do not prop abuse - This includes propkilling, propflying, propblocking and propclimbing.
• Do not interfere with staff situations - If you see staff dealing with a situation and haven't been asked by them for your input, don't interfere.
• Do not rulebreak in retaliation to rulebreakers - If someone breaks a rule, report it. Don't RDM or attack them otherwise you could be punished too.
• Malicious activity/behavior - If you are caught threatening to attack the server or another player, you will be permabanned.
• Spam - Don't text/mic spam, this can result in a mute.

• No roleplaying or building in spawn. Building NEAR spawn is allowed as long as it does not block any of it off.
• Do not RDM (See 'terms'.)
• Do not CDM (See 'terms'.)
• Do not break NLR (See 'terms'.)
• Do not break FearRP. (See 'terms'.)
• Do not metagame (See 'terms'.)
• Do not LTAP - (See 'terms'.)
• Only spawn props on/inside your own properties and bases - no spawning props in other properties without their permission.
• Spamming the Tramp swep is against the rules - this is all in opinion of the staff body
• (Tramps can build on the street and law enforcement can build valid checkpoints.)
• Do not change jobs in a roleplay situation - This will be counted as FailRP.
• Shooting through walls, props and doors is not allowed.
• No-colliding cameras to see inside other players properties/bases is not allowed.
• Do not place hits without a valid reason.
• Only place textscreens that have a specific purpose. Offensive textscreens are strictly forbidden.
• Do not falsely demote someone - Only demote someone for OOC reasons (RDMing, NITRP, etc...)

• If you are building you must have a clearly visible building sign on the property/base at all times.
• You must not own any entities while building.
• Do not build inside buildings that you do not own. (Even if they are unowned.)
• In order to block off a large part of the map (industrial, residential, or more than 2 properties) you must have at least 3 members in your roleplay group.
• You may build on a roof as long as it is easily accessible by all players and stays within the surface area.
• Skybases bases are allowed.
• Do not build in tunnels or streets. (Excluding tunnels that do not lead anywhere. Tramps and Law Enforcement are allowed to for valid roleplay purposes)
• Crouch bases are allowed but they cannot have long corridors.

• There must be at least ONE clear entry to your property at all times.
• Do not put fading doors against world doors. The door should be openable and closable at all times.
• You may use one way props to see people, but are not allowed to use them to shoot through.
• Do not use twisted or one-way props for combat. The invader should have the same combat opportunities as you while raiding.
• You are allowed to have 5 fading doors and one separate fading door per person for entities in each property/base.
• Buttons must be held for a minimum of 5 seconds.
• All keypads must be set to open for minimum 5 seconds with no initial delay.
• All keypads and buttons must be clearly visible and next to the fading door it controls.
• Keypads should be reachable with a cracker without crouching, jumping or propboosting.
• Do not use fading door on stairs or bridges to gain an advantage over raiders.
• If you are part of a base, you must have your name on all doors. 
• If you are part of a larger base, your name must also be on a clear KOS sign at the entrance.
• If your name is not on the doors or KOS sign of a property/base, you are not a part of it and cannot defend it.
• You can only base with people in your class (eg criminals with criminals).

                                                KOS SIGNS:
• Only use KOS signs on your own property/base.
• The KOS sign must be in a clear visible place at all times, no exceptions.
• You MUST have a KOS line to go with your KOS sign.

• Do not micspam/play music using voice unless you're the DJ.
• Please speak in English to ensure our staff can keep track of chat logs. You may use another language in private messages.
• Disrespecting and arguing with staff is strictly forbidden.
• Only use OOC for none-roleplay messages, otherwise this is metagaming.

• The max raid time is 10 minutes. After this time is up, you must leave.
• After raiding, you may not raid for another 5 minutes or 10 if it is the same property. (This excludes false raids.)
• Do not spawn props (Unless it's a concrete barrier but they can't be used to block a hallway or doors etc.) while involved in a raid.
• Do not lock doors after they have been picked or walked through by raiders.
• Toggling fading doors is strictly forbidden.
• Do not raid properties/bases with a building sign.
• Only raid the Police Department for valid roleplay reasons. (e.g. a teammate being arrested, or armory raid)
• Only kill players during a raid if they pose a threat to you.
• Property/base takeovers are not allowed.
• Do not bait someone to give yourself an advantage in raiding. (e.g. asking them to open doors to talk to them.)

• You must only mug every 5 minutes or 15 minutes if it's the same player. 
• The max mug amount is £15,000.
• You must give victims a minimum of 10 seconds to pay the cash. If they pay, you cannot kill them.
• Do not kill victims if they do not have enough cash. Instead, do '/advert false mug' and you can mug someone else straight away.
• If you are being mugged, you must drop the requested amount of money otherwise it's FailRP. This does not count if you do not have enough.
• If you're being mugged as a police officer you can use your taser.

• If you have a weapon and you're being mugged you cannot pull it out as this is FearRP. (See 'terms'.)
• You cannot mug someone in a highly-populated area as this is unrealistic.
• You must /advert mugging.

• You can only kidnap every 10 minutes or 20 minutes if it's the same person.
• Only kill hostages if law enforcement are threatening to kill you or failing to meet demands.
• The max kidnapping release amount is £10,000 or £35,000 if you have the President held hostage.
• If your demands are met, you must release the hostage safely.
• You must not bribe hostages to let you kidnap them.
• You must only kidnap in low populated areas otherwise it is not realistic.
• You must /advert kidnapping.

• If you've just pickpocketed you are KOS

• The advert command is /advert (message).
• You must speak English in /advert. 
• You don't have to advert raiding, however you will need to advert PD takeover and the others indicated above with /advert.
• If you are being followed or harassed, you can use '/advert warn' to warn them. You must warn them 3 times before killing.


• You must obey the law at all times otherwise it's FailRP.
• You must not engage in illegal/criminal activity or work with criminals.
• Do not abuse the tools included in your job.
• Being a corrupt cop is not allowed.
• You may kill or arrest a Tramp for abusing his SWEP towards you however use the kill option as a last resort.
• Government members cannot base or build except in the PD.
• Do not randomly stun-stick people as it's extremely annoying...
• You must only search players if you have a valid roleplay reason.
• As law enforcement, you may create checkpoints on streets and in tunnels but they must have someone on them at all times.
• The maximum checkpoint toll is £2,500.

• Only add realistic laws. 
• Do not add offensive or pointless laws.
• Lockdowns are maximum 15 minutes.
• Maximum gun license charge is £20,000.
• You must only carry a pistol and can only use it if you are being attacked and do not have Secret Service defending you.


• Playing music to annoy people or on streets while not the correct job is not allowed.
• Citizens, Tramps and government officials are not allowed to place hits.
• Citizens, Tramps and government officials are not allowed to engage in illegal activity.

• You may only carry a pistol for self-defense.
• You may own a property but cannot use it for illegal activity. (as stated in Other Job Rules > General.)

                                                WEAPON DEALERS:
• You can only base with another gun dealer or a bodyguard.
• Do not self-supply. (Unless you are the only weapon dealer online)

• Tramps are only allowed melee weapons. No guns or explosives.

• You must only base with the person you are protecting.

• Do not place hits as a assassins.
• Do not bribe people into placing hits.

• To go on a RDM spree, you do /ad Terror. This lasts for 5 mins or when the terrorist leader is killed.
• Only a Terrorist Leader can call /ad Terror.
• Cool-down for /ad Terror is 20 mins.


• Do not abuse wire AKA E2, player cam, player tracker etc
• Auto Money collectors are allowed.
• Do not use wire mod to abuse the armor & health chargers, doing so will have your wire mod stripped.

                                                Thanks for reading and enjoy the server!

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